How To Search For An Internship

So, what is an internship?

An internship is a formal program offered by an employer to provide professional training for potential employees. Whether you are an aspiring young student on the verge of graduation, someone looking for that foot-in-the-door opportunity to get into an industry of your choice, or even an individual looking to start over in a new career field, one thing cannot be denied: internships are wonderful learning opportunities. They provide priceless insights into the day to day operations of an organization and help build up the work experience of the intern. Nevertheless, internships do not always guarantee employment. However, the experience gained is so vital that it can help land a job in a different company within the same industry if permanent employment is not offered at the end of the internship.

How do you search for an internship?

How To Find An Internship

There are numerous ways of searching for an internship.

The Google Search

The simplest way of searching for an internship in an industry of your choice, say Insurance Underwriting, is google searching “internship opportunities insurance underwriting.” The potential disadvantage of this simple method is that it might also show results of internships with expired application deadlines in which case, applications should be made to the internships with ongoing recruitment.

Social Networking

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide a powerful means of searching for internships. You can perform a simple search for an internship, just like in the case of the Google search, and go through the search result (one especially useful handle that specializes in internship alerts on Twitter is Internships Kenya‏, @Internships_KE). It is also important to follow the newsfeed of potential employers because they also use social networking platforms to announce vacancies. Overall, LinkedIn is the best website to use because it is a business and employment-focused social networking service.

Career Websites

Naturally, career websites are another great place to search for internships. Potential employers will announce internship vacancies on these sites. Just like in the case of the Google search, it is possible to search for an internship on these websites. However, since these websites are dedicated to career adverts, it is possible to add search filters to make more specific internship searches. In case the search comes up empty, it is possible to subscribe for custom job alert emails notifications which are delivered to your inbox as soon as an internship opportunity matching your preferences becomes available. Some examples of career websites are Internships Kenya, Brighter Monday, Job Rapido, Fixus, and Job Web Kenya.

Apply Even Without A Vacancy

Sometimes, the best way of searching for an internship is to be preemptive about it. Send applications to potential employers without necessarily waiting for a vacancy announcement. Employers keep resumes on file for future reference. It is possible to receive a callback regarding an application you’d sent without there being a vacancy announcement.

All the best as you search for an internship.


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